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1 executive escort mission security personnel must abide by discipline. The escort items strictly kept secret, to ban irrelevant personnel (including did not participate in the security guards escort missions) leaked escort material name, quantity shipped to the destination, walking routes, the time of Yijing, are not allowed in transit by telephone or in non secure device walkie talkie and friends talk about escort matters; performing escort missions, are not allowed to bring their families, relatives and friends, are not allowed on the way alcohol, are not allowed to arbitrarily stop shopping, not incidentally other personal items, are not allowed to arbitrarily change route, are not allowed to on the way single action, prohibit smoking in the car escort in transportation of dangerous goods; pay attention to carry weapons.
2 preparation work should be fully. After receiving the customers for the escort business, should be timely and detailed understanding escort item types, and the number and nature of means of transport, the route, along the way law and order situation, starting time and place, arrival time and place, receiving unit and contacts, the customer of the escort work with requirements and matters needing attention. To according to escorted goods, the level of importance and customer requirements, selected in line with the completion of escort tasks and security guards escort team composition. To escort guards with confessed task, clear method, put forward specific requirements. To escort for comprehensive careful analysis and research, formulate specific plans to escort, and feasible emergency plan is made for the various emergencies that may occur. To carefully check the transport equipment, inspection of the carrying of the security apparatus, the handling of passes, the use of commonly used drugs and life and the necessary expenses. Place of departure arrival and escort guards should be timely contact with the customer, understand the specific loading position and the main valuables and immediately deployed alert.
Should pay attention to 3 escorting problems. Escort and security personnel to seriously adhere to their own job and concentrate on, carefully observed along the way, pay attention to whether the suspicious circumstances. Sit security personnel in the cab, should pay attention to the observation of travel of the vehicle in front of the left and the right sides of; sitting in the back of the car and security guards, should pay attention to escort the rear of the vehicle without the trailing vehicle, with or without escort supplies dropped. When the vehicle through the bridge, tunnel, cross junctions, mountain slopes, turning lots, the speed slows down, to pay special attention to observe the roadside, front and rear of the vehicle has no suspicious persons and vehicles. In case of heavy rain, snow, fog weather, on the one hand to remind the driver to drive safely, on the other hand, we should pay attention to the suspicious circumstances surrounding.
Should pay attention to train 4 escort. Escort of the box, a warning is generally deployed at the mouth of the carriage; escort train, force deployed to both comprehensive monitoring, before and after care and focus on the protection of the site. Post and distance, depending on the situation. The head of the security guard is generally located in the central command of the train, which is connected with a constant contact, and to control a certain power. When parking, to strengthen the ground alert.
Should pay attention to the 5 escort ships. The ship escort usually forces deployed in the deck, hatch and channel mouth for observation lookout position.
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